Reference Does

van H’s Gracie Lou

Gracie is our first retained doe sired by our US import buck, Elfin Acres NB Flatline and from our most productive milker, Lil Bit Country Cyndi Lou. Gracie has moved to a new home herd, where she is the backbone of the milk production

Lil Bit Country Cyndi Lou

An easy keeper, Lil Bit Country Cyndi Lou VG86 2016 (Cedar Green Little Raven x Linwood SI Whiskey) is the offspring of one of the favourite milkers over at Yellowpoint. Not only is she a Raven daughter, she is a Thistle Creek Ebony Angel granddaughter and Cedar Green Twilight niece! Cyndi classified VG86 2016. Cyndi has a lovey udder floor, good rear attachments, good medial and she is our favourite for texture. She was our powerhouse milker in 2019 with her third freshening capacity at 5 weeks, 14 hour fill: 2.4 lbs (4 1/2 cups) which she held for weeks! 4th freshening capacity: 2.65 lbs, 5 weeks fresh.

Curl Creek Lone Blossom

Curl Creek Lone Blossom (“Fidget”) came to us on New Year’s Day 2019 from our friends at Footnote Farm. She has a strong lineage including her granddam, Thistle Creek Blue Ivy, and her sire, Hetlandcreek TT Lone Ranger.  Fidget gave us the perfect kids for her first freshening – a set of twins! She had a nice first freshening udder with good rear attachments and large teats and orifices. We look forward to seeing her develop. 

Milk Records
1st freshening: 1.43 lbs, 12 hr hold, 5 weeks fresh, twins
2nd freshening capacity: 1.60 lbs, 12 hr hold, 5 weeks fresh, triplets
3rd freshening: 1.78 lbs, 12 hr hold, 5 weeks fresh, triplets

van H’s Blue Mountain

Out of our favourite girl, Junebug, to Landslider. First freshened with twins. Very nice ff udder.

Milk Records
1st freshening: 1.49 lbs, 12 hr fill, 5 weeks fresh, twins

Renegade Beetle Bailey

Bailey strongly takes after her dam, Cyndi, as an easy keeper who raises quick-growing kids. One of the first doelings to be born of Pholia Farm UB Destiny (VG87 2019) who exudes dairy strength, we have decided to retain her twin sister. She milks out quickly with soft udder texture and good width to her rear attachments.

Milk Records
2nd freshenng: 1.8 lbs, 12 hr fill, 5 weeks fresh, twins

van H’s Firefly

Firefly is our first retained doeling off our Wonderland GJ Landslider and is a Thistle Creek Ruby Tuesday grandaughter. She has a lovely topline, width, and body capacity. Her first freshened udder improved on her dam significantly, with higher and wider rear attachments, better medial, more globular shape to her udder, and more forward fore attachements! Her first freshning capacity at 5 weeks fresh was 1.4 lbs on a 12.5 hour hold.

Milk Records
1st freshening: 1.4 lbs, 12.5 hour hold, 5 weeks fresh, twins
2nd freshening: 1.47 lbs, 12 hr hold, 5 weeks fresh, twins

Renegade Cricketsong

Cricket first freshened in March 2020 with triplets. She follows in her mother’s footsteps, pumping out the milk with ease, with 1.81 lbs for her first lactation! She shows a high esceutchon and rear attachment and a larger teat size than her mom, our Lil Bit Country Cyndi Lou. Cricketsong is a graceful doe. Her sire is Pholia Farm UB Destiny (VG87 2019) who exudes dairy strength.

Milk Records
1st freshening: 1.81 lbs, 12 hr hold, 5 weeks fresh, triplets
2nd freshening: 1.78 lbs, 12 hr fill, 5 weeks fresh, triplets

van H’s Honeybee Parade

We’ve been long waiting for our quad doelings out of Taffy by Elfin Acres F Hawthorne (EX90) , son of “Elite Status’ GCH SG The Lilac Twinkletoes, to join the breeding lineup. Honey has a lovely length of body and wonderful udder texture.

Milk Records
1st freshening: 1.84 lbs, 12 hr hold, 5 weeks fresh, twins
2nd freshening: 1.83 lbs, 12 hr hold, 5 weeks fresh, twins

Wonderland GJ Landslider

Slider has improved foreudder extension, rear width and height, capacity, and tends to lend a more globular udder. His dam is Stormwatcher My Charlotte (Reserve Champion ND Senior Doe at North Thompson Fall Fair 2016) to US import Camanna OMF Gold Jackpot. Charlotte’s sire is US import Odds Are D Mighty Midas. Slider’s littermate sister, My Blondie, freshened with a lovely high and wide udder. 

Height: 20.5″

Elfin Acres NB Flatline

Elfin Acres NB Flatline GP84 2016 joined our farm in March 2018. He brings lovely dairyness with wonderful length, depth and spring of rib. Flatline’s breeder, Marybeth, says that his line has conformation, production, and lovely udders all in a small package. His maternal grandma (Mandisa 2*M 2017 VEEE 90 ALPHA S1 CASEIN B/E), dam Zahra (3*M 2017 VVEV 87), and sister Zalika (4*M) are all still in the Elfin Acres herd and Zalika is mentioned as an exceptional milker with a smaller frame and beautiful conformation. Elfin Acres TT Mandisa certainly is beautifully structured. Flatline had a tentative start in life and so is aptly named – you can read his story here. Flatline tends to soften udder texture and increase capacity. Our favourite doe to freshen from Flatline to date is Sky Pilot (2022), who showed a stunning first freshening udder with improved teat size, teat placement, medial, and foreudder attachments.

Height: 21.5″

 Outlaw’s Blue Taffy

With a lineage of friendly goats, this buckskin girl comes by her sweet and easy-to-handle personality honestly – never even needing to be trained to the milking stand! She has nice angulation and good sized teats and orifices with quick milk let-down. Linebred on her US sire Camanna FS Sudden Impulse who is known for milk production, she is moonspotted, polled and blue-eyed! In her first kidding with us as a 2nd freshener, Taffy raised her set of quads without assistance AND also fed the other 5-7 kids in the herd while we  milked her once daily for 3 months. Her third freshening capacity was 1.86 lbs on 12 hr hold, 6 weeks fresh. 5th freshening capacity: 2.1 lbs, 12 hour hold, 6 weeks fresh, feeding quads.

Lil Bit Country Southern Dawn

We are thrilled to have a Thistle Creek Ruby Tuesday girl in our herd. Dawn’s US imported sire is no slouch either; Camanna’s CIB Hennessy has a great dairy lineage. We freshened Dawn as a 17 month old. Her most notable udder feature that we are happy to see in our herd is her very long teats. Her udder is well attached in the rear. Dawn tends to produce stylish kids with dairy character. First freshening capacity 1.1 lbs on a 16 hour hold (twins), 2nd freshening capacity 1.43 lbs (5 weeks fresh, 12 hour hold, twins).