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Hi, my name is Marie van Hulsentop and I am an award-winning floral designer and 4th generation flower grower who loves incorporating overlooked foraged botanicals and pursuing sustainable methods in my work. I am passionate about sharing my love for garden-sourced floral design and helping aspiring farmer florists and floral designers aquire crucial skills. With an extensive background in commercial bouquet production as well as retail floristry, I am uniquely positioned with the necessary skill sets to bridge both worlds as a farmer florist and I want to give you the tools to help you succeed. Learn from me on YouTube or book a private learning session with me!

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farm grown florals that celebrate seasonality
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Nigerian Dwarf Goats

registered and bred for dairy production and conformation

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About Us

Thanks for stopping by! We are Steve and Marie and our three farmhands and some years ago, we bought a farm! At the time we thought we’d get a few chickens and grow some veggies; but as a former florist looking for a career change, Marie also planted some dahlias and this sparked a passion for garden-sourced floral design that has resulted in hundreds of cut flowers and year-round floral offerings.

In a similar fashion, we bought a few milking goats…now, we keep a quality herd of purebred registered Nigerian Dwarf goats!

We love watching our kids grow and enjoy farm and outdoor living in pastoral south Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

Meet the farmers at van H acres in Langley, British Columbia

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Sharing the farmer florist life, cut flower gardening, floral design, and farm living with occasional appearances by our chickens and Nigerian Dwarf goats as we farm and play on almost 5 acres!

Designer Flowers from the Farm

Vase garden arrangement
Door wreaths for all occasions
Luxe dahlia vase arrangement from the garden with Ferncliff Illusion, Skipley Luis jean, Chilson's Pride, Mexico, and Snoho Sonia
Thanksgiving centerpiece
Special order bouquets for birthday or wedding
fresh local Langley flowers